Sedgewick Rafter GRIDDED Counting Cells, Brass, 1.0mL Wildco Usa

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Counting Cell, S-R, Gridded. 0.0007″ Line Width 1mm Grid.

The Gridded Sedgewick Rafter is now available! A simple design of surprising accuracy commonly used for counting larger plankton. Recommended for its ease of use and reproducible data. Intended for use with either a standard or inverted compound microscope at low magnifications, it limits magnification to about 200 x, which makes it unsuited to examining nannoplankton.

Frame: brass, mounted on 1″ x 3″ glass slide.
Cell size: 50 mm x 20 mm x 1 mm (1.968″ x 0.787″ x 0.04″)
Cell volume: 1.0 mL
Includes: 2 cover glasses, plastic case.
1801-G20 Gridded model includes 1mm x 1mm grid etched on slide with 1 microliter of fluid per gridded square!