Water Stills Destillator 10DETA0040 4 Liter/jam Kap. Tank 8 Liter Pobel Spain

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Deskripsi Produk

Automatic distiller and continuous output. Built-in water
storage tank with a capacity of8 litres for models 10 DETA
0040 and 10DETA1040. Capacity of 16 litres for model
10DETA0080. Excellent quality of distillation. Cooling
element and heaters made ofstainless steel. Safety device
protects the water still in the event ofwater supply failure.
Some models have a device to fill a container without
worrying when it finished. It cuts waterand electrical supply
to avoid useless expenses of water and electricity. With
thermostat, that protects the distillerin case ofoverheating,
and dispenser tap of the distilled water. Supplied with wall
mounting bracket. Flow restrictor that limits the water flow
from tap water, optimizing it down to a necessary minimum
Caractersticas Modelo
Features Model 10DETA0040
Distillation Capacity L/H 4
Water consumption L/MIN 0,6
Conductivity at 20C (S/ cm) * 1,5
Equipment measures Height x Width x Depth mm.
Packaging measures Height x Width x Depth mm.
540 x 660 x 420
Resistencias W.
Heaters W. 1 x 3.0000DETA004
Electricity Supply
230 V.- 50/60 Hz.
Water tank capacity L. 8