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It takes the best ATP monitoring system to make the best decisions about plant
cleanliness. Th new AccuPoint Advanced hygiene monitoring system features
state of the art samplers and reader and softare upgrades that together can help
you achieve a whole new level of clean.
Intended Use
Neogen’s AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System is a lightweight,
handheld system that validates the effctiveness of a hygiene program by detecting
food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in rinse water samples.
Th system utilizes easy-to-use AccuPoint Advanced samplers, which utilize liquid
stable enzyme chemistry to quickly generate results.
RFID Option
Hygiene monitoring is
now easier and more
streamlined with the AccuPoint Advanced Hygiene Monitoring System, which features radio
frequency identification
(RFID) technology. The
new system, coupled with
the updated Data Manager
software, saves facilities
precious resources that
otherwise would be devoted to developing complex
and time-consuming test
plans. With the AccuPoint
Advanced and the included Data Manager softare, the user can easily create a sanitation plan and sync
it to the reader. Once synced, all it takes is a simple
swipe over the RFID tag, which is housed in a brightly
colored six inch by six inch sign placed near the beginning of a production line. All a supervisor has to do is
identify test sites just once as either being mandatory
(tested every day), or as being of lower risk (tested
randomly). With this information, a test plan can be
automatically populated on a daily basis—completely
eliminating the supervisor’s need to perform this task
each day. Simply stated, the use of RFID technology is
a better way to collect ATP test results.
The Test
Th AccuPoint Advanced system utilizes ATP bioluminescence to determine the
cleanliness of surfaces and rinse water samples. ATP is a chemical compound
found in all living cells, including bacteria, food debris, yeast and mold. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produces light. ATP bioluminescence
occurs when ATP from a sample comes into contact with luciferase, an enzyme
found in fiefles, and luciferin, a substrate. Th amount of light emitted in this
reaction is proportional to the amount of ATP detected in a sample.
Aftr a sample is taken, the sampler is pressed into its cartridge, breaking its
seal and initiating the mixing of reagents. Th reaction takes place within the
cartridge and a detector measures the amount of light produced. Th reading
is displayed on the LCD display in RLU. According to preset limits, an icon is
displayed indicating a pass, marginal or fail result. Thse limits are defied by
the operator or by using the system presets.
Consistently Accurate
Th sampler’s vertical sampling technique increases downward pressure on
the surface. Ths helps penetrate surface
crevasses, and break-up existing biofims to uncover previously protected
organisms. Th sponge will reabsorb
the liquid, with any present organic
matter or bacteria, for consistently accurate results.

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Aftr the countdown, the data reading is displayed. Easy to interpret icons indicate
a pass, marginal or fail result. Results can be recorded, and uploaded to a PC for
easy data analysis.
AccuPoint Advanced comes with Data Manager softare that allows users to:
• sync results to a PC
• set pass/caution/fail levels
• create and print summary, trend and rank reports
• export data as Word, Excel or PDF fies
• maintain a record of hygiene results to verify sanitation standard operating
procedures (SSOPs).
Results can be presented in
a clear chart format showing
the actual measurement in
color coded green (pass), yel
low (caution) and red (fail) for
extra clarity. Accumulated re
sults can be graphed using pie
charts, over a variety of criteria,
for clear pictures of sanitation
testing results and trends.
AccuPoint Advanced
The Procedure
1. Turn the instrument on. Make sure it’s at the main screen.
2. Select the correct site to be tested.
3. Sample your site by “drawing” a 4″ x 4″
square and then with a back-and-forth
motion within the square.
4. Hold the sampler vertically and fully depress into the
cartridge to activate. Note: Th sampler must be held
6. Press the eject button and insert the sampler into the instrument.
7. Depress the sampler all the way down and close the door.
5. Mix for two seconds by shaking.

Ordering Information
Prod.# Product description

9902RFID  AccuPoint Advanced Hygiene Monitoring System with RFID – includes
reader, NiMH battery pack, power supply & cord, USB data cable, Data
Manager Software and User’s Guide
9902 AccuPoint Advanced Hygiene Monitoring System – includes reader, NiMH
battery pack, power supply & cord, USB data cable, Data Manager Software
and User’s Guide
9603 AccuPoint Advanced Signs with Embedded RFID Tags – 5 Pack
9905 AccuPoint Advanced Surface Samplers – 100
9906 AccuPoint Advanced Water Samplers – 100
9907 AccuPoint Advanced Access Samplers – 100
9610 NiMH Battery Replacement pack
9611 Sampler extender
9612 AccuPoint Cleaning Kit – 5 swabs
9613 AccuPoint Stand-up Holster
12359 AccuPoint USB Cable
9617-3 AccuPoint Data Manager Software
9619 ATP Standards Kit
9908 ATP Positive Controls – 3 vials