Test papers for qualitative determinations MN-Macherey Nagel Germany

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Qualitative determination of ions and chemical compounds

With the aid of test papers for qualitative determinations, the presence of Ion and chemical compounds can be asserted with low effort.
A color change is effected, if the concentration of the researched substance is situated above the specific detection limit.

Criminal investigations Peroxtesmo KM, Phosphatesmo KM
Milk analysis Peroxtesmo MI, Phosphatesmo MI
Water test Watesmo, Wator
Oil determination Oil test paper
Qualitative test papers at a glance
test paper / test sprips for detection of REF
Aluminium test paper Aluminium ions 90721
Ammonium test paper Ammonia, ammonium ions 90722
Antimony test paper Antimony ions 90723
AQUATEC test strips Oil, thickness of layer in oil separators 90742
Arsenic test paper Arsenic, arsine 90762
Bismuth test paper Bismuth ions 90733
Chlortesmo Halogens, especially free chlorine 90603
Chromium test paper Chromium, chromate 90724
Cobalt test paper Cobalt ions 90728
Copper test paper Copper(II) ions 90729
Cuprotesmo Copper, copper ions 90601
Cyantesmo Hydrocyanic acid, cyanides 90604
Dipyridyl paper Iron(II) ions 90725
Fluoride test paper Fluorides, hydrogen fluoride 90750
Indanthrene yellow paper Vat dyes, end-point of conversion 90751
INDIPRO Protein residues 90765
Iron test paper Iron ions 90726
Lead acetate paper Hydrogen sulphide, sulphide ions 90744
Nickel test paper Nickel(II) ions 90730
Nitratesmo Nitrate and nitrite 90611
Oil test paper Oil in water and soil 90760
Peroxtesmo KM Blood traces (peroxidase) 90605
Peroxtesmo KO Peroxidase in milk 90606
Peroxtesmo MI Peroxidase in milk 90627
Phosphatesmo KM Sperm, acid phosphatase 90607
Phosphatesmo MI Alkaline phosphatase in milk 90612
Plumbtesmo Lead, lead ions 90602
Potassium test paper Potassium ions 90727
Potassium iodate starch paper Reducing agents, SO2,
sulphite ions
Potassium iodide starch paper Nitrite ions 90754
Silver test paper Silver ions 90732
Sulphide test paper Sulphide 90761
Sulphite test paper Sulphur dioxide, sulphite ions 90763
Turmeric paper Boric acid, borates 90747
Udder test paper Mastitis 90748
Waterfinder test paper qualitative detection of water 90630
Watesmo Water in org. solvents 90609
Wator Water distribution in butter 90610
Zirconium test paper Zirconium ions 90721