Whitlock Universal Worm Egg Counting Chamber 4x 0.5 Ml JA Whitlock Co Australia

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WhitlockUniversal (4×0.5ml) Ova/Worm Egg Counting
glass microscope slide (EMPTY) marked & calibrated
for Veterinary diagnostic use. Wholly made in AustraliaThe WHITLOCK UNIVERSAL slide is specifically designed for parasite detection in large and small animals such as:
o Cattle Horses
o Sheep Goats
o Camels Deer
o Alpacas Ostriches and Emus
o Dogs and Cats Poultry
The WHITLOCK UNIVERSAL slide is used by
o Farmers
o Veterinarians
o Testing and Research Laboratories
o Teaching Colleges and Universities
What IS a worm egg count? Using a Whitlock Universal slide the counting is performed with a microscopic examination of a measured sample of faeces in a specific dilution. Calculations are made following the count.
(procedure:Anthelmintic Resistance in Sheep (para 9.1 in particular) in: Australian Standard
Diagnostic Techniques for Animal Diseases. ISBN 0 643 05243 7 636.0896075 (see the
book info )
Each WHITLOCK UNIVERSAL slide features:
o four chambers, each 0.5ml volume
o each 0.5ml divided into five counting strips of 0.1ml
o four chambers to save time
o the ability to count four samples on each slide
o flotation egg count design
o simple calculations.