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Your Water Testing Needs,
All in One Spectrophotometer
The DR 6000 has the most pre-programmed testing
methods, including high-speed wavelength scanning across
the UV and Visible Spectrum.
Accessories for High Volume and
High Accuracy Testing Needs
A carousel sample changer allows up to seven sequential
measurements. The Sipper Module, an instrument-controlled
sample delivery system, increases precision by constant
optical characteristics.
Advanced Quality Assurance
at Your Fingertips
The DR 6000 comes with integrated QA software for
scheduling, documenting and interpreting all of your
needed quality measurements.
Guided Procedures and
Elimination of False Readings
The DR 6000, when used with TNTplus® reagent vials,
provides the accurate results you need by guiding you step
by-step through your testing procedures. With TNTplus, the
instrument averages 10 readings and eliminates outliers,
making scratched, flawed or dirty glassware a non-issue.
Automatically Avoids Errors
RFID* technology automatically updates the program
calibration factors when you place a TNTplus reagent box
near the DR 6000. The instrument identifies chemistry
expiration dates via a barcode on the vials, and detects
chemistry coe<cient factors to avoid errors that can occur in
lot-to-lot variations in the chemistry.
*RFID technology currently available only in US, Anguilla, American Samoa, Australia,
Bolivia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Columbia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador,
Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Guatemala, Marshall Islands, New Zealand,
Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Panama, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.
The industry’s most advanced lab spectrophotometer.
With UV and Visible Spectrum capabilities, over 250 pre-programmed methods including the most
common testing methods used, guided procedures, and integrated quality assurance software,
the DR 6000 ensures you are ready to handle your comprehensive water testing needs.

Operating Mode Transmittance (%), absorbance and
concentration (wavelength, time)
Source Lamp Tungsten (visible range), deuterium
(UV range)
Wavelength Range 1 90 – 1 1 00 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 1 nm
< 0.1 nm nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.1 nm
Wavelength Selection Automatic, based on method
Spectral Bandwidth 2 nm
Scanning Speed 900 nm/min (in 1 nm steps)
Measuring Range
± 3 Abs
Photometric Accuracy 5 mAbs at 0.0-0.5 Abs
<1 % at 0.5-2.0 Abs at 546 nm
Photometric Linearity 0.005 – 2 Abs
≤ 0.01 at > 2 Abs with neutral
glass at 546 nm
Stray Light KI-solution at 220 nm
< 3.3 Abs/ < 0.05%
Display TFT 7 inch WVGA color touch
Data Logger 5000 data points (result, date, time,
sample-ID, user-ID)
> 250
User Programs 200
Sample Cell
Rectangular: 1 0, 20, 30, 50 mm, 1 inch;
round: 1 3 mm, 1 6 mm, 1 inch
Optional 1 00 mm rectangular cell
with additional adapter
(H x W x D)
8.5 in x 1 9.7 in x 1 8.1 in
(21 5 mm x 500 mm x 460 mm)
Weight 24.25 lbs. (1 1 kg)
Operating Conditions 1 0 at 40 °C, max. 80% relative
humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Conditions -25 to 60 °C max. 80% relative
humidity (non-condensing)
Enclosure Rating IP20 with closed lid
Interfaces USB type A (2), USB type B,
Ethernet, RFID module
Warranty 1 year
*Subject to change without notice.