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Spectro UV-Vis Auto Scanning Spectrophotometer Labomed USA

logo labomed UV-2602

Spectro UV-Vis Auto Scanning UV-2602

  • Automatic 8 cell holder
  • Auto A/T/C, auto zero, auto 100% T, auto wavelength, auto scanning by PC
  • 2-way computer communication
  • Easy to change lamp
  • USA/FDA licensed

Spectro UV-Vis Auto features seamless integration with any PC, making managing data easy. The new 2-way communication system allows the user to give instructions right from the computer and gives the ability to print and record the results in aneasy to use interface. A 4-nm bandwidth gives the accuracy needed in today’s laboratories and its auto adjustment feature makes it easy to work with, providing more answers to scientific problems in less time.

Spectro UV-Vis Auto can be used in medical labs, biochemistry, petrochemistry, DNA tests, agriculture, educational, research and analytical labs, water and waste testing, quality control and industry. In addition, kinetic testing is possible by an optional sipper (electrothermal) system. Included software gives the ability to control the spectrophotometer’s operations by PC. In addition to saving data, the Spectro’s software can save parameters, set wavelengths and give the user automatic processing of concentration. Windows™ 95/98/XP compatible.

  • For use with RS units

Software package is compatible with Windows versions 3.1 and higher. Applications include data handling, file saving and graphic functions. Use software to calculate normal linear equations, correlation coefficients and even generate linear and non-linear curves. Package includes RS-232 cable, instructions and software disk.

Constant temperature system for kinetic testing. Comes with water jacketed 4-cell cuvette holder, water circulating thermostat and connection panel.

System Auto Adjustment
Wavelength 200 nm to 1100 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 4 nm
Scanning By PC
Light Source Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen Lamp Auto Switch
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Cell Holder Auto 8 Cell Sample Holder
Display LCD
Keypad Soft Key
Photometric Measurement Absorbance: 0-1999; Transmittance: 0-100%; Concentration 0-2000
Stray Light 0.5% T
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility 1 nm
Photometric Accuracy ±0.5% T
Software Included)
Kinetic Electro Thermal System (Optional)
Monchromator 1200 / mm grating mirror
Printer External (Optional)