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Cooled Incubators ICP (compression-type)

Product Description

Pengujian pada suhu antara lingkungan dan 0 ° C yang mendapatkan lebih banyak dan lebih penting tidak hanya di bidang bioteknologi, botani atau zoologi, tetapi juga di industri farmasi, kosmetik atau makanan, di industri elektronik atau optik dan dalam banyak bidang kedokteran.

Faktor kunci untuk aplikasi ini akurasi tempering yang sangat baik dan mudah menangani pemrograman (misalnya untuk hari / malam simulasi) serta reproduktifitas optimal dan dokumentasi dari proses pengujian

Our ICP compressor-cooled incubator offers great results whenever a rapid and precise changeover between heating and cooling phases in ramp operation is required. Due to the finely tuned control technology, temperatures exactly reach the setpoint values without the need for energy-intensive bursts of power.

  • Temperature range up to 60 °C
  • 5 model sizes 55, 110, 260, 450, 750
  • 1 model variant: TwinDISPLAY
  • Double doors standard for all models: Prevention of contamination and drops in temperature, and at the same time an optimum view of the sensitive load through wide-area interior glass doors
  • Very good air circulation in the working chamber through sophisticated ventilation technology
  • Intelligent defrosting function

The air jacket temperature control system ensures that the working chamber is perfectly sealed off from the outside. The advantages: rapid and precise temperature control, no evaporator-related drying out of samples, no icing of the cooling unit, no de-humidification of the inner chamber.

With the help of our model selection, you can find the right model for your needs, with dimensioned model sketches and extensive technical data for download.

For work predominantly close to the ambient temperature, the extremely energy-saving Memmert Peltier-cooled incubator IPP is recommended. If you just want to store samples in biology, biotechnology, the pharmaceutics or food industry, specifically over long periods and at constant temperatures, we we recommend our IPS storage chamber with a chamber volume of 749 litres.