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super vario n-1

SuperVario N Multi-Purpose Centrifuge for the Dairy Industry Funke Gerber Germany

Product Description

super vario n super vario n-1

Multi-Purpose Centrifuge SuperVario N
Gerber-Centrifuge up to 36 Butyrometers, Babcock fat determination,
Röse-Gottlieb fat determination* and solubility index determination (ATPI)
*Pay attention to existing safety rules!
■  Easy Handling:
5 selectable modes for centrifugation
(Gerber test, Röse-Gottlieb, Babcock, Solubillity and Free Mode)
Free Set-up (Free Mode) of
1. Speed/RCA**(adjustable from 600 to 1200 rpm, the
corrosponding RCA is shown simultaneously)
**RCA = Relative Centrifugal Acceleration
2. Temperature(adjustable from amb. temp. to 68°C)
3. Centrifugation time (adjustable from 1 to 99 minutes)
■  Centrifugation drum of strainless steel
■  Security lid locking device
■  Automatic unbalance switch off
■  Electrical brake
Technical Specification:
Connection:  230V/50…60 Hz/1200 VA
Weight (empty):  26 kg
Full height:  460 mm
Operation height:  370 mm
Speed range:  600…1200 UpM
Temperature range:  Amb. temperature to 68°C
Order Data/Name      Art. No
Centrifuge SuperVario-N (without heads)      3680
Accessories/Name      Art. No
Head A (up to 36 Butyrometer/up to 18 Babcock-bottles)    3685
Butyrometer-bucket of cast aluminium      3631
Babcock-bucket      3632
Head B (Protective drum for 8 Mojonnier tubes)    3686
Head C (up to 6 solubility index tubes)      3687
Solubility index tube bucket      3633