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ƒ Max Sample Weight : 200 g
ƒ Not need of an exact sample amount
ƒ Display for Moisture Content (%) or Weight (g)
ƒ Displays for Time (min) and Temperature (°C)
ƒ All parameters programmed by keyboard
ƒ Time of tests programmable by 1 min steps
ƒ Furnace temperature programmable by 1 degree steps
ƒ Memory facility to retain Temperature, Time, Weight, Dry Residue and Moisture data until
cancelled by the operator
ƒ Automatic Stable Weight determination and data storing at the end of the test
ƒ Software for memorisation of 5 cold weighings
ƒ Automatic stop at the end of the test with buzzer
ƒ Automatic calibration with external mass (optional)
Technical specifications
ƒ Capacity: 200 g
ƒ Readability: 1 mg
ƒ Linearity: ± 1 mg
ƒ Repeatability: ± 0,5 mg
ƒ Sample weight: min 140 mg
max 200 g
ƒ Operating Temperature: 10°÷ 40°C
ƒ Timer Range: 1 ÷ 999 minutes
ƒ Furnace Temp. Range: 50°÷ 180°C
ƒ Moisture accuracy: ± 0.01 % (sample min. 10 g)
ƒ Moisture resolution: 0.01 % (sample min. 10 g)
ƒ Data output: RS232 I/O adjustable
ƒ Pan diameter: 120 mm
ƒ Power requirements: 220 VAC (-15%/+10%) 50 Hz – 2A – 350 Watt
ƒ Dimensions (W x D x H): 210 x 355 x 300 mm
ƒ Net weight: 9 Kg
Standard equipment
ƒ 3 calibrated and interchangeable stainless steel pans
ƒ 100 aluminium foil sheets
ƒ 1 pair of forceps